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Judicial Update Page
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** FYI- In the judge’s hallway behind the courtrooms, there will be a bailiff posted at all times.  No one will be allowed back there, except attorneys.  Attorneys must present their bar card and/or badge if asked to do so by the bailiff.  If you can’t produce it, then you may be asked to leave the area. Attorneys can use the conference rooms in the back side hallways on the first floor.  Attorneys may bring their clients in the back to use the side conference rooms.  Clients must be with their attorneys at all times and under no circumstances can the client go to the back hallway where the Judge's offices are.





























Attorneys on the Felony Appointment List:


The auditor has assisted with the creation of a voucher that is uniform for all District Courts.  This voucher is online and must be used in order for payment to be received.  The vouchers require a signature from the submitting attorney. Please make sure that you are using these forms or they will not be signed by the District Judges.  This is an attempt to streamline, reduce errors and ensure prompt payment.  Please see any of the judges with questions. 


Thank you for your service,


Judges Kennon, King and Mathews


26th District Court- Honorable Donna King
Court Administrator - Deb Lewis 



In preparation for mandatory criminal e-filing that commences on January 1, 2018, we are implementing an online court appointment voucher process for all felony cases. Effective December 1, 2017 all vouchers shall be submitted electronically via the e-filing system with the District Clerk. The uniform voucher will be available on each criminal district court website. To submit your voucher, simply complete the form utilizing the drop-down features on the uniform voucher, save the document and upload it via the e-filing system. Your voucher will be routed to the appropriate que for review by the corresponding court for approval. Once approved, it will be forwarded to the auditor for payment. Below are the links to the District Clerk’s Office to assist with any questions on E-Filing and the online voucher.

District Clerk's Office

Online Voucher

277th District Court - Honorable Stacey Mathews

Court Administrator - Wanda Davidson


Effective December 1, 2017, the 277th District Court will begin e-filing for criminal cases. This will affect all motions and vouchers. Please see the court or clerk’s office with any questions.



The 277th District Court is trying out some specialized dockets in order to increase efficiency and better utilize attorney and court time and resources.  The first plea docket had several lawyers and received positive feedback from the lawyers involved. 
We will continue over the next several months to refine the process and appreciate any feedback from the bar.


PLEA DOCKET:  If attorneys have a case that has reached resolution and is ready to plea you may place it on the docket.  This will allow the State to get the paperwork done ahead of time (you may pick it up from them to go over with your client prior to court or get it at the start of the docket).  The intent is to move quickly through the docket and not have anyone waiting on paperwork to be completed.  If you would like to place a case on the docket please let Wanda Davidson know prior to the day of plea so she can ensure the defendant is brought from the jail if necessary and the clerk can have all files.


MOTIONS TO ADJUDICATE OR REVOKE DOCKET:  All new MAJ/MRP's will be set on this docket.  Michael Vohs will be in court and the intent is to allow the State and defense a chance to visit with him without being interrupted or having to address other type cases.  Again, the purpose is to be more deliberate with attorney and court time and to increase efficiency.  Once an MAJ/MTR is signed by the Court, it will be set on the next MAJ/MRP docket.  If a resolution is not reached at that first appearance a reset will be granted.  If resolution is not reached by the next setting the case will be moved to a Hearing Docket.  Additional resets will certainly be considered on a case by case basis to accommodate. 

If a defendant is in custody and a resolution has been reached, please let Wanda know and she can set it on an earlier date for you.


The specialized dockets are scheduled for the following dates:


     Wednesday 11/8/17 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

     Thursday 12/19/17 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


The following link is an updated fee schedule for Indigent Defense Cases.




New Juvenile  Appointment List Application



368th District Court- Honorable Rick Kennon
Court Administrator - Jennifer Tredemeyer



Please make sure you are using the Court Appointed Attorney Payment Voucher that is listed on the district court website.  Also, your voucher MUST be signed.  If you submit a voucher that is not the correct form and/or it is not signed, that voucher will NOT be processed for payment.


“As many of you are aware, the 368th District Court is the pilot court for a “less-paper” courtroom. As such, our Attorney Payment Vouchers are now going paperless. In order to submit a voucher, you will need to go to our website and click on the link for Court Appointed Attorney Voucher.  Please complete the voucher and submit via e-file. Beginning October 9, 2017, all vouchers for the 368th District Court must be e-filed. Paper vouchers will not be accepted.



395th District Court- Honorable Ryan D. Larson
Court Administrator - Glenda Clark Poulos

      Nothing new at this time



425th District Court- Honorable Betsy Lambeth
Court Administrator - Marlys Tidrick 



     Behavioral Health info 2018.04.09.Letter_from_Judge.pdf 

     See the attached info regarding Foster Care Task Force

     See the attached info regarding JIR_2017_SBoT_TST_Webcasts.pdf   

     Family Law Default Judgments  family_law_default_judgments.pdf

County Court at Law No. 1- Honorable Brandy Hallford
Court Administrator - Terry Barrick   



The Court is modifying the case setting procedure for misdemeanor cases that have an active companion felony case arising out of the same event.  There will no longer be future Felony Pending Dockets set. 


Attorneys are asked to please follow the below outlined procedure concerning future court settings. 


  1. Misdemeanor cases set on current “Felony Pending Docket”  

If your misdemeanor case is currently set on a “Felony Pending Docket,” to reset your case please do the following.


1.    Email Terry Barrick (  with: 

a.    your client’s name,  

b.    current misdemeanor felony docket setting, and

c.    future felony docket setting.


2.    Ms. Barrick will reset your case to the same date as the future felony setting. 


3.    You will receive an email confirming the reset and you are responsible to inform your client of the new date.


  1. Future misdemeanor case setting for felony pending cases after the current “Felony Pending Dockets” have been reset. 


1.    Email Terry Barrick ( with

a.    your client’s name, and

b.    future felony docket setting.


2.    Ms. Barrick will reset your case to the same date as the future felony setting. 


3.    You will receive an email confirming the reset and you are responsible to inform your client of the new date.


County Court at Law No. 2- Honorable Laura Barker
Court Administrator - Flor Salas


Update on CCL2 Procedures for Resets of Pleas/Announcements and Setting Final Plea Settings


First, for our pleas/announcement/status hearings (other than Vet Court & DWI/Drug court) it is the defense attorney’s responsibility to reset those with the Court.  You are to provide status updates just like you would in Court.  Status updates mean you have discovery, an offer, and have spoken with the prosecutor within the past week for a new court date.  Resets will not be done on cases that are more than two weeks away.  If you have your staff resetting for you, please make sure they have that information.  If your case is set for a plea, please be aware that that doesn’t mean it can plea on that date.  You MUST schedule a FINAL PLEA SETTING.


Second, pleas will not be set on a VIRTUAL FINAL PLEA setting unless the paperwork is already at the clerk’s office. Too much time has been spent tracking down paperwork and attorneys for cases that are set.  In addition, all pleas will be virtual unless otherwise worked out in advance and clients will have to come in to the court house to get thumbprints.


All defendants are required to appear at all Announcement settings.  You can still reset cases over email or phone, as long as, you have received your offer and have made contact with your defendant. 

Criminal payment vouchers have changed as well as the policy on turning them in. This will become effective immediately.  The voucher must be downloaded, auto filed and emailed back to our court. They cannot be handwritten, they must be typed.

There will no longer be any vouchers in the court room or the court office.



County Court at Law No 3- Honorable Doug Arnold
Court Administrator -



All attorneys who are currently serving or are interested in serving on the misdemeanor court appointment list must apply or reapply by Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

The Application will need to be hand delivered to County Court 3 by the deadline.  





County Court at Law No. 4- Honorable John McMasters
Court Administrator - Sharrion Threadgill


Beginning Thursday, April 30, 2020, the new posting citation processing cut-off time for probate and guardianship matters will be 2:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoons. Please contact the Williamson Co Clerk civil/probate division with any questions regarding the new cut-off time.

       New AAL fees


Magistrate Office





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